Does Everything Matter? or Knot

A long time ago a nagging question appeared in my Mind that I felt needed to be answered to go on with my study of self and purpose. The question: Does everything Matter or do some things matter and others not? My response is as follows: Firstly though, I determined the “All Consciousness” suspected to be everywhere, is in fact provably within all matter, thereby — yes, everything matters. To allow this truth to enter, I accepted that whatever the truth was, I would allow it.

Everything is found within the atom symbol. All things in this illusory plane are linked together via “Thought”, … or suggestions. This “source” was discovered after being willing to accept whatever the Truth may be, and in whatever form it may take.

Upon allowing this concept — that it was my 3D person that was the stumbling block — it soon became evident that my humanity was also the barrier separating my ability to discover Truth — or my Purpose and Progression.

I was in fact, the ‘problem’ and the reason for the interference that kept my 3D illusory being from connecting with and becoming whole with my non-measurable/Mental self. By recognizing the correct baseline DUAL format of our experience and how it ends up being exploited by the hierarchies we create to maintain it.

By allowing ourselves to recognize these truths and our authentic and original baseline, we have solved 90% of our issue. The minor 10% duty left is in the area of execution or application of our newly connected concepts to policy and then to actions!

We are always ‘fail-safe’ from failure or dying. Our most sure-fire way to witness the Intensity/Death 3D world is through language. All methods of deception and honesty — are within the language for anyone to have.

We have used our mental ability to create a fail-safe communication format that literally completely resolves us and matches us to our Purpose. The language, sounds and symbols, literally assemble themselves to create any image we desire.

  • Or continuing materialism, attraction and failed relationships
  • Language provides both and either to any who ask

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