How to Regard All Lives As Our Own

It is the sounds I make and by their proportions. “Regard all lives as our own. Lean that way!

We are 100% creation beings and creativity comes from thoughts. You will not lose anything — Every outcome is built from one thing next to another. Try to make something happen. Respond — rise from chair!

to regard all lives as our own, as I allow my greater self now revealed to me to reveal itself more and more daily. I allow for ordered chaos to work with me in Harmony.

Rebels over Millennia

Mainstream or Rebel

Earth and Humans display Truth continuously. Earth and Humans are so much alike, their shared nickname could be Truth. — — Love and Sharing over Envy and Selfishness is our motto.

The Rebel view is that Earth and Humans are physically, the same format and at the same time, share a ‘same being-ness’ or Soul, with the greater realms and Universes. Thereby a physical and a spiritual connected Being. However, as sovereign (we are now Soul transceivers) Soul Walkers with (experimentally developed) Physical bodies and (original) Spiritual ‘Souls’ / personalities, we are in a unique and dynamic position. We literally are blending every route to eternity AND total destruction at once.

The ‘dumbness’ of our experimental bodies and minds mixed with the Awesome endlessness of the ‘Original Intelligence’ of Creation. A fantastic dynamic requiring both sides of every fence to be challenged and won. Immense complexities matched with solutions of Simplicity. How will we fare? What is the end game? Stories have starts, middles and conclusions. Eternity carries, this, that and the other. A mystery before it becomes my story. Believe it and become it.

As we become less thinking and more reacting Beings, well…

…. Musk-etears get a whole lotta love and then a whole lotta tears, beware …

EL on Musk buys some tweetURN — on 4x4x2022

Mainstream chases us from occult and hidden knowledge on symbols and frequency energies AND THEN, they use it to exploit us — religiously, hmmm. We can do better. Let us learn the ‘hidden knowledge’ also. If it is ‘they’ birthright to us — it is ours also. NOTE: The featured image shows the 3 to 7 loop masters based in WM Virginia, see previous articles.

Nature/Mainstream answers the simpleton needs and as the simpleton needs or requirements change, their Brain — the media, corps and governments adapt. Same way we do things from our perspective. Our leaders of our independent Minds choose to follow the offers repeating but differently dressed stories and repeating characters with a hidden back agenda most never see although easily findable. It is the Seven Sequence and it causes never ending endings for our entire lives. It crosses all categories and people in marketing are taught it is a human condition and to exploit it. Enhancing it’s destructive power over minds — without ever realizing it.

Want to prove it to yourself? Type “The 7” into any search and after the 7, add any one or two letters. Follow each results from the drop down suggestions as you type/fill in. Go to each page and study the results and click on the ones that grab at you. Do this exercise until you can disprove the Sequence Seven Loop. It is the SSL container we are inadvertently ‘self’locked’ ourselves into!

Rebellious information and intelligence is not readily available from mainstream sources. Mainstream is upholding many crimes by America and their sales force, the American people. Our stand-up job of promoting and showing ‘in use’ all the various attractions and work arounds to the American Dream Lifestyle.

We are very creative in our sales approaches and they are legion. Mainly, the overarching message is — everything will always be cherries and cream as long as you ‘go for it’ (apply yourself) and allow for the struggles and be humbled by them with appreciation and return service. That is the beautiful side.

A second version is the opposite of “regarding all lives as our own” and that is one of greed and selfishness and destruction. A love of the temporary and a complete disdain for struggle.

The third version is extra viscous. It is a blend of 1 and 2. This allows for more and deeper reaching exploitation-s as there is now an added layer of confusion. This version shows people who are far down this road, all the different ways to appear as you “regard all lives as your own” — while allowing for cognitive dissonance and a range of go to responses when your behavior vs your rhetoric is challenged.

Our myriad of source information in today’s tech world allows for an even greater exploitation through manipulation. Any single person is available to ‘wake up’ to this and call the crime what it is — a crime. And that this crime is happening to you and all the people you know and in the world.

The criminal committing the crime is a force we have created. A causal effect of our methods of behavior we have adopted and the consequences they demand for payment. We have created this magnificent self protecting force of ‘self destructive behavior toward nothingness’. And what we have the power to create — we can un-create and make anew.

Mainstream Understands Chaos

Chaos must be ordered or it would fall. This is so obvious it is not plausible we are not noticing unless we are very distracted. In other words, chaos is ordered in a way we regular Humans do not acknowledge.

Does random exist. Is randomness chaos?
When we think of chaos we hold many different explanations, definitions and imprinted memories of resolution of the term chaos — depending on the circumstance of our location and the company.

After 50 years of billiards and 25 playing daily for hours, the topic of duality and the meaning of life was more explained.

I have determined that Chaos is ordered. The more I apply myself the more that previously considered chaos things become known and order-able by me.

Solution to end all wars and relationship conflicts, now available. I proved chaos is ordered. The phrase ordo ab chao is a cover story to keep us dumb.

Cognitive Dissonance is our Outcome

Cannot find anyone un NUMBED enough to hear their freedom. Everyone seems to love this prison. Please tell me why this prison of never ending endings is so appealing when full disclosure and relief is at hand? Are the endless explanations with zero solutions that tasty? Have we come to embrace and love conflict and antagonism? Are we slaves/addicts to it” Here are the two responses I get:

  • Mockery and endless unproven recitations and regurgitations.
  • Abandonment.
  • Fight or flight, a result of cognitive dissonance. Easily explained and repaired.

Everyone is podded and did not see it comomg. Invasion of the Body snatchers “has come home to roost”

Randomness is not possible as random as we know it is a sub title of chaos. Chaos is not understood as numbered or ordered because we have failed to apply ourselves to the point of understanding. Chaos is not seen as ordered as we are not developed to the point of understanding it.

Prove Yourself with Application

I have proven this in application of desire and intention of proving skillful billards to myself outside of order as we know it but in a reliable way as I can manufacture it with my tools at hand. I can literally process 10 to 20 concepts and guidelines to the next shot — as I walk up to it. I can shoot the most complex shot that requires 10 to 20 elements to be considered and the shot tailored to provide the consequence of the desired future.

This control and understanding of myself continues to grow daily in all of my endeavors and relationships as I allow my greater self now revealed to me to reveal itself more and more daily. I allow for ordered chaos to work with me in Harmony.

I literally communicate with my body, brain, heart, organs, blood and interstitial systems and each human cell and bacteria. Plus the magically appearing enzymes. Over 500 3d structures of enzymes have been identified and they ‘appear; when various situations of partnership is needed throughout the body and when repairs are needed.

PI is not random because it is a continuous loop — a loop — an ending as their is no destination or solution

There are Two Waves

One is jagged and pulsing and one is continuous, never ending. Explorers start and stop. Home makers make things constant and life sustaining. One is Action and one is the Impetus or driving force. Making sense of it with your outer connected senses and your inner connected senses is our game. Ignore it is our shame.



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