Vedic Metaphysics is evident in Sphinx, Giza, Gobekli Tepe…

Vagus Nerve — kundalini genie
The Vagus Nerve is our Twin Consciousness?
‘everything matters’

A container, a field and a catalyst

The serpent is always symbolic of consciousness. Shown is the stimulation of both the vagus & pineal projecting consciousness up to the source, or consciousness. Cultural beliefs show DNA by it being birthed from an egg & splitting into Twins. Our ancestors have helped us by leaving that knowledge to us in symbolism to show us how our water body, the Earth and Consciousnesses all interconnect and function on the physical density plane & the non-physical or consciousness/spiritual plane.

These connections when identified reveal a grand connection between Human Hearts, the Earth/Universe and Consciousnesses. The ancient Vedas describe these things in detail and freely available to all.

Today we now know many functions in the body that make us aware — parts of our body that facilitate conscious. These findings are a match to the ancient methods -written down — of connecting minds. It was true what the ancients said and practiced. Our current hierarchies hide this from us to enhance their positions of domination. It was and is a genesis of sorts. A split into two camps of the same body. We have made twins of ourselves — One learned, one yet to learn. A Gen of IS IS.

What do ‘they’ know

If we were not blind — we would see

Ultimately the ‘mark’ is primed and prepared for ‘the takedown’ or ‘the harvest’ from all the hours and energy the con men have invested. If all goes as planned, the con men will be long gone and the victims long dead before anyone notices. We see the above today. Except it is few loyal to Wholly Would and the Fat I Can, the authors of the con — ‘taking down’ an entire civilization of many cultures and billions of persons.

The ultimate ‘confidence game’

We do this amongst our social and business relationships. We have all become players and victims in ‘the confidence games’.

Past Research and Memories Bubble Up!

We have tons of data and the time period since, from Ancient Egypt to prove all this but the hierarchies we allow to rule have “spun” these tales as fiction while entrapping our minds with re-direction. The very truth of our bodies they are hiding — they gleefully use under our noses to dominate and ‘squelch’/silence us and our mental tools we were born with.

In ancient times they constructed Megaliths such as pyramid, stone circles, sun-gates in locations where the Earths geomagnetic field fluctuated at certain times that would cause a direct path to the sun. The pyramid of Giza, lacks a capstone for this reason. Modern science is now confirming everything about the pineal that our ancestors knew since the earliest Vedic Sciences. The retinas photoreceptors and sound, light, Frequency all stimulate the pineal gland to alter consciousness.

Vegas Vagus Vedic Stimulations

Four weeks of VNS saw the patient’s attention, movements, and brain activity significantly improved. After one month of VNS, the patient could follow an object with his eyes and turn his head upon request. His mother reported that her son could also keep his eyes open and had the ability to stay awake when listening to someone reading a book.

Ancients Already Proved It

“These findings show that vagus nerve stimulation can yield changes in consciousness even in the most severe clinical cases,” the researchers said in a statement. “Brain plasticity and brain repair are still possible even when hope seems to have vanished,” Sirigu added.

As the authors describe in their paper: “These findings show that stimulation of the vagus nerve promoted the spread of cortical signals and caused an increase of metabolic activity leading to behavioral improvement as measured with the CRS-R scale and as reported by clinicians and family members. Thus, potentiating vagus nerve inputs to the brain helps to restore consciousness even after many years of being in a vegetative state, thus challenging the belief that disorders of consciousness persisting after 12 months are irreversible.”

Vagus means “wandering” in Latin. The vagus nerve is referred to as the “wandering nerve” because it is the longest nerve in the human body and has multiple branches that begin in the brainstem and take a circuitous route to the lowest viscera of the intestines touching (and influencing) just about every major organ along the way.

Your Vagus nerve facilitates a constant psycho-physiological dialogue between your many selves of physical and spiritual natures. The Vagus is commander-in-chief of the ‘inhibitory ‘stop-gap para-sympathetic nervous system which counterbalances “fight-or-flight” stresses in order to maintain balance/homeostasis.

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