— Human Secret — Person-T-age, percentage — — 100%
5 — % — same key

yeah, we been Back-Doored like “Q” -u, est

Do words carry inversions — jewel bx

One Origin

Liberty — Veer Us means viruses


“God’s purpose for man is to acquire a seeing eye and an understanding heart.”
Translation: Your purpose, power and partnership with ALL LIFE and the One Mind/One Source of all Life is in fact existing as a holographic particle of itself in the center of your beating Heart.

Exploit Yourself

Church/State — “ch” U/R “ch” — you are in the middle
‘ch’ = CHOP — stop

Church MASS — (Mysticism Alchemy Stolen SUCKER!)


Alchemy/Mysticism — STOLEN

Multi-Level ‘MARK’ getting

leaders and followers

Paws or Pause — Lurch or Church –
Go forth or Wait — Go or Stay

above, ty bu** artists! below, X It
“X” marks “S” Pot exit

map, agartha, asgard



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