This OS is Here For All to Share

OS One Source

  • This One Source is here for all of us to share — it is Equal Measure in all things.

Awesome powers are emanating from me and contained in me. They are tightly wound within and completely unwound in front of me. I am contained and also un-containable. My response to these revelations, becomes the joy of my life — Earth is just one Name — EARTH aka IOS, TRUTH, HEART, NATURE, Body of Man — INTUITION and EQUAL MEASURE — YAY!

The history of the world can be described by looking for synonyms for “separation” and “seven”. After the decades and centuries conclude, a quick look back will show an ever crawling and ever progressing separation and clarification. Apparently, to an End.

Our Cultures and Clarifications have led to “cults” in businesses, groups, government entities, corporate entities, neighborhoods, households, couples — even within the individual. And as individuals, we can move in and out from one “cult” to another. Our personalities and rules of conduct can change instantly on circumstance and location.

The “molding” or evolution of behavior and thinking can be tied directly to convenience and technology. As these things appear in a society, the convenience and desire for more and more material things can and does lead to greed and disregard of the needs and feelings of others. It is not the gun/technology that did the crime. It is the user and their willingness to disregard others in exchange for temporary and material things.

We have gotten so permeated with receiving, parsing and ‘re-telling’ data — we have forgotten to LIVE! We are inundated with data parsing that we have little time to use it. It is time to take several deep breaths and a few days off. Time to listen to silence, nature and your own feelings without techno-data pouring all over everything. Take the time to parse yourself.

We are the ultimate code breakers as we have more than just outside man-made data to reflect on. We have Equal Measure and Intuition to rely on.

We have the outcomes and observable patterns of everything, both Nature and made by man — and all the history of our amazing body inside. Trillions of moving, self regenerating and virtually perpetual across many different energetic operating systems. Showing us Creation and Death millions and billions of times a day. All happening inside us right next to our emotions, our thinking, our desires, our hopes and our dreams, A wide range of miracles happening moment by moment for a Lifetime.

Also right next to and within Equal Measure and Intuition.

Narcissism is born of “memes”. Delivered to us through words and sounds carrying concepts, ideas and beliefs. Narcissism is will over another “gone wild”. Narcissism is a hurt person’s reaction to a scary and not-explainable world. Everyone suffers from Narcissism, it is like a disease like alcoholism. Each person can deal or become a maniac, just like an alcoholic. We all handle it differently.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash



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